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Our team will use UpTick to price your inventory based on your own strategy

  • Stay covered 365 days a year
  • Cut overhead costs
  • Scale your business
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Put NYC’s top talent on your team

All team members go through extensive training to learn how to use UpTick and our data & inventory management tools. Our team has priced over $170 million dollars in sports, concert and theater inventory in the last year.

We’re on call days, nights, weekends and holidays

Our 30+ person pricing team consists of experienced, in-office analysts working 365 days a year. Your inventory will be competitively priced all day, every day.

Become one of our high performing clients

Last year our full service customers grew their businesses and increased revenue. For example, they had a 22% higher return than manual pricing on MLB Opening Day in 2019.

Say goodbye to endless costs

Not only will you earn more money but you will save money. Stop worrying about employee turnover, overhead costs, training and staffing issues – and focus on acquiring inventory and growing your business.

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