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Remain competitive with UpTick

A slight increase or decrease in market pricing can mean thousands of dollars left on the table.

UpTick, our cloud-based software, allows you to monitor the competition and set automated pricing rules that’ll mimic the rise and fall of their ticket prices. Your prices will remain competitive, even while you’re asleep.

Ride UpTick and set the floor

You don’t need to worry about losing money from price drops because UpTick protects the value of your prices.

Instead of staring at your computer screen making the sure market is stable, you can spend time focusing on more important parts of your life.

Price seasons and venues in 180 seconds

Manual pricing often takes up more time than you have. That’s why we’ve introduced two features – Seasons and Venue Profiles. With UpTick’s Season feature, you can automatically price entire seasons or a concert in just minutes.

Holding ten shows at Madison Square Garden in both General Admission and VIP? With UpTick, you can create a rule and apply it to all ten shows at once. It’ll take more time to tie your shoelaces.

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