The Intelligent
Approach to Pricing

Broker Genius offers world-class pricing technology to help ticket brokers achieve higher profits and accelerate growth.

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Price like a genius

We turn smart brokers into geniuses with real-time market data and dynamic features. On average, Broker Genius clients:

Earn $6.25
more per ticket sold

Stay priced-to-market
24/7, 365

Grow earnings
by 30%

Increase productivity
by 400%

eat rates by 80%

Sell tickets 30
days earlier

Broker Genius helps you move as fast as the market.

Automate your strategy with our industry-leading ticket broker tools.

We are a genius software company and our ticket pricing software maximizes your revenue. Use our ticket broker software to:

  • Keep prices competitive
  • Catch the uptick when the market moves up
  • Spend more time growing your business
  • Increase productivity
  • Stop eating tickets
  • Accelerate your sales velocity

Broker Genius for Ticket Broker POS

Check out UpTick. This is our one-of-a-kind, cloud-based software that makes you money while you sleep. Event ticket brokers are waking up to profits with this ticket autopricer that uses proprietary Broker Genius technology to think and act to perfection in every transaction.

UpTick seamlessly connects with all major POS systems. Once a listing is in your system, it’s ready to be optimized with our ticket broker pricing tools. Our genius office has refined this to perfection. Genius ticket price is achieved each time through our dynamic ticket pricing software. Get the ticket pricing technology plus the POS integration for a one-stop shop that meets all of your needs, maximizing your time and ROI.


Ready to see UpTick for yourself? Let us show you a quick demo, then start your free trial. No commitment, no obligation.

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Intelligent Tickets

At Broker Genius, we are proud of the work we’ve put into creating the best ticket pricing technology on the market. We always have an ear to the ground of what’s trending on genius. Our ticket broker tools and ticket broker POS are popular with the highest performing ticket brokers worldwide. If you buy and sell tickets, you need event ticket data and event ticket pricing software. With our products, you get the best of it all.

Ticket Pricing Technology

If you have been buying and selling tickets for events for any length of time, your business will outgrow manual processes and manual oversight. Our automated ticket pricing is the only way to solve for this problem. The Atlas dashboard and our UpTick POS are the most innovative and intelligent brokerage tools you can buy. Don’t miss a single sale, don’t lose a single cent: our ticket autopricer posts at the right cost that steadily builds your bottom line.