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Approach to Pricing

Broker Genius offers world-class pricing technology to help ticket brokers achieve higher profits and hyper growth.

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Price like a genius

We turn smart brokers into geniuses with real-time market data and dynamic features. On average, Broker Genius clients…

Earn $6.25
more per ticket sold

Stay priced-to-market
24/7, 365

Grow earnings
by 30%

Increase productivity
by 400%

eat rates by 80%

Sell tickets 30
days earlier

The market moves fast. Do you?

Automate your strategy with our industry leading technology.

  • Keep prices competitive
  • Catch the uptick when the market moves up
  • Spend more time growing your business
  • Increase productivity
  • Stop eating tickets
  • Accelerate your sales velocity

Point of sale integrations

UpTick seamlessly connects with all major POS’. Once a listing is in your system, it’s ready to be priced in our platform.

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