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Meet Atlas

We created Atlas in response to the market’s growing need for data tools. Atlas helps you make pricing, buying, and inventory management decisions more intelligently and faster.

We’re offering Atlas at no charge with an UpTick subscription until the end of August. At that point, some of Atlas’ dashboards will remain free and others will be available with an additional subscription.

Atlas is a cloud-based portal made up of several dashboards that you can learn more about below. We plan on adding more this year!

Zone-Level Market Dashboard

You can’t just make decisions using get-in level data… What if your listing’s section is trending differently from the entire event?

Use Atlas’ Zone Level Market Dashboard to see how get-in prices or market supply for a specific zone or section are trending over time.

Moving Markets Dashboard

What drives your buying and selling decisions? If your answer isn’t data, it should be.

Use the Moving Markets Dashboard to search for events with the largest changes in get-in prices and supply levels. You will see the biggest hikes or drops in the last day, week, and month.

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