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Data speaks louder than assumptions. Empower your business with insights on the market and your inventory.

Our Analytics Suite is included in license and full service products.

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What’s making you money?

The Portfolio Evaluator is a quarterly, custom report that breaks down your pace of sales, lists your most and least profitable events, and provides you with more actionable insights to help you understand your inventory.

Make data-driven decisions to earn more

Auto pricing is about more than the current market – it’s about the market to come.

Our two market trend graphs show you the price and supply history for each event so you can determine where the market’s heading in real-time. The graphs will increase your knowledge of the market, resulting in smarter decisions and increased margins.

Don’t miss out when the market picks up

Have you unexpectedly sold inventory too fast and not had enough time to raise your prices? It’s a major missed opportunity and lost revenue.

Stay a step ahead of the market with real-time sales alerts. You will receive an alert when we detect abnormally fast selling patterns compared to your position size.

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