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Wager on Ponies, Not Your Tickets:
Kentucky Derby Report

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Risk Rating: The Raiders Turn to Sin City… Is Vegas Worth the Gamble?

Risk Rating: Las Vegas Raiders

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Super Bowl Report

Super Bowl Ticket Data Report

Super Bowl LI ‘2017: Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots Over 50% of Super Bowl LI tickets were sold within a week of the game 86% of 3rd Level tickets, […]

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Case Study: MLB Opening Day

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Broker Genius and Ticket Flipping Announcement

Broker Genius and Ticket Flipping are partnering to provide you with best practices and industry insights so you can become a more knowledgeable broker and grow your business. Broker Genius […]


Broker Genius Wins Breach of Contract Case and Unfair Competition Claims

Manhattan, New York – A jury of eight men and women in the Southern District of New York ruled 8-0 in favor of Broker Genius, the pioneer of dynamic automated […]

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Risk Rating: Seattle Enters the NHL, What Does This Mean for Brokers?

Seattle Enters the NHL

Seattle will be the home of the NHL’s 32nd team. The city will join the Pacific Division for the 2021 – 2022 season and play in Seattle Center Arena, which […]


Broker Genius CEO Sam Sherman Featured in The Business of Fun Podcast

Broker Genius CEO Sam Sherman was featured on Dave Wakeman’s The Business of Fun podcast. They discuss analytics, how to use data tools effectively, pricing, regulation, and consolidation. Listen here!

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