Manhattan, New York – A jury of eight men and women in the Southern District of New York ruled 8-0 in favor of Broker Genius, the pioneer of dynamic automated pricing technology in the secondary ticket market. Immediately following the jury’s verdict, the Honorable District Court Judge Sydney H. Stein, ordered that Drew Gainor and Seat Scouts LLC must continue to cease operating the Command Center product and that they must refrain from making the product available to the market.

The jury concluded that Gainor was liable for breaching his contractual obligations by improperly creating a derivative product from Broker Genius’ Autopricer v3. On this count, the jury awarded Broker Genius $3 million in damages.

Additionally, the jury found Gainor and Seat Scouts liable for unfair competition based on their misappropriation of Broker Genius’ labor, skills, and expenditures in developing Autopricer v3. The jury awarded Broker Genius $1.5 million in damages on this count.

The jury verdict follows the preliminary injunction that was awarded to Broker Genius in May 2018. It also follows the Court’s ruling that found Seat Scouts and Drew Gainor in contempt of court for violating the preliminary injunction order.

“We are happy to have this matter resolved,” said Sam Sherman, CEO and Founder of Broker Genius. “We believe in the free market and encourage new competition, but it has to be done fairly. Today’s victory protects all SaaS companies inside and outside our space that rely on their Terms of Use to protect them from unfair competition. We look forward to focusing all of our resources on our technology and creating more value for our clients.”