Manhattan, NY, August 28, 2018 – On Friday, Judge Stein ruled that Seat Scouts was in contempt of his May 11, 2018, preliminary injunction order.  In that order, Judge Stein concluded that Broker Genius is likely to prevail on its claim that Command Center is a copycat product, unlawfully derived from their Auto Pricer. He also required Seat Scouts to shut down all activities related to the Command Center product.

On the same day that Judge Stein’s injunction against Command Center went into effect, Seat Scouts launched Event Watcher. In his August 24 decision, Judge Stein found that Event Watcher and Command Center are the same product and it must be shut down immediately. Judge Stein stated that, “Event Watcher is simply a doppelganger of enjoined Command Center.”

Judge Stein ruled that, “beyond any doubt,” Seat Scouts violated the preliminary injunction by making Event Watcher available to their customers. He also found that Seat Scouts and their lawyers were “disingenuous” and “not forthright” in their statements made to the court regarding Event Watcher. Judge Stein ordered Seat Scouts to pay compensatory sanctions to Broker Genius. Broker Genius remains confident that it will once again prevail on the merits at trial and will post a bond of $2 million to enforce the preliminary injunction. Broker Genius does not prefer litigation but, like most companies, will use the law to protect itself from unfair competition.

We are excited by the huge advancements we continue to make in our technology’s speed, stability, and innovation. We will continue to release more powerful data and insight tools over the coming months that will help our clients stay ahead of the market. We look forward to the opportunity to provide continued innovation and data to help drive your business forward.